What is DAOLink?

DAO together with fun and love.


DAOLink is an on-chain visualization platform designed for DAOs and digital nomads.
DAO buidlers and digital nomads are facing a loneliness problem due to working alone remotely all the time. A game-like online audio/video service can solve the problem. Several products like GatherTown, Kumospace, etc. have already proven the market for web2. Now, the explosion of metaverse and blockchain technology will further detonate it to be a billion dollar market. Therefore, DAOlink will leverage this expansion to dominate the market by offering metaverse audio/video services built on the blockchain social graph and Discord ecosystem.
Furthermore, not having a good onboarding experience is a significant issue for many DAOs. DAOLink will solve this problem through 1) a game-like environment, 2) game mechanism.
There is no doubt that DAOs will be on the very first train driving into the true metaverse when the time comes. By doing what we are doing now, DAOLink will hold the entrance and will have the opportunity to build a metaverse that people can actually use.
DAOLink seeks to solve major issues in existing DAO member experiences. Current DAO tools and collaborative software are working on it mainly from a productivity improvement perspective. We look at it from a different point of view. Emotional connection is our top priority. Namely, current metaverse applications all provide an empty shell for visual presentation—a space without affiliation of emotion, memories, and soul. Adopting those apps is unable to increase your community engagement. Indeed, your content and effort are locked to an empty space and shown to no one. This causes you to fight a zero-sum game with your time and work.
DAOLink corrects this by being a DAO-centered, open metaverse platform that transforms your DAO from a discord to an exciting game. Since users can customize their own DAOLink space, they can bring it to any content built on top of DAOLink. As users can actively engage in DAOLink, DAO no longer need to worry about losing their new members, contributors, and livelihood based on the whims of an individual platform's disengagement. Additionally, each DAO using DAOLink benefits the whole ecosystem, turning the zero-sum game into a collaborative one. We unlock the possibility for DAO where people can connect, learn, and grow.
20% of digital nomads claim loneliness is the biggest struggle with working remotely. It actually damages people's mental health if people stay in such status for a long time. People need emotional outlets, need emotional connections with other people, and need a way to express emotions other than the emotionless business application UI.
We, DAOLink, have it all.
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